Baeckeoffe is a traditional Alsatian dish from the northeastern region of France. The name translates to “baker’s oven” in the Alsatian dialect.

This hearty casserole is typically made with marinated mutton, beef, and pork, which are layered with potatoes and onions in a casserole dish. A crucial part of this dish is the white wine marinade, often from the Alsace region, in which the meats are soaked, sometimes overnight, before being slow-cooked. Herbs, such as thyme, parsley, bay leaves, and garlic, are also added for extra flavor.

The casserole dish is sealed with a strip of dough to prevent steam from escaping and is then slow-cooked for several hours. The long, slow cooking process allows the flavors of the meat and vegetables to meld together, creating a rich and comforting dish.

The name Baeckeoffe comes from the tradition of Alsatian homemakers taking their prepared casseroles to the local baker to be cooked in his oven. This was typically done on wash days, when the women of the house would be too busy to tend to the cooking at home.

Like many regional dishes, there are variations to the basic recipe. Some versions may include other ingredients, such as other root vegetables or different types of meat.

The Baeckeoffe recipe provided below is shared by a true and dedicated Alsatian local, ensuring its authenticity and reflecting the rich culinary tradition of the region


A generous Alsatian speciality, the Baeckeoffe (also written Baeckeofe, Bäckeoffe or Bäckaofa) is made with a mixture of meats (lamb, pork and beef), vegetables, herbs and white wine. Cooked for a long time in a lute terrine, this unique dish can be shared with loved ones!

Alsatian Baeckeoffe
Prep Time 30 min Cook Time 205 min Total Time 3 hrs 55 mins Difficulty: Intermediate Servings: 6




  1. Slice up 500g of pork loin, 500 g of shoulder of mutton and 500 g of brisket and marinate for 24 hours in white wine with onion, 2 cloves of garlic, bouquet garni and pepper.
  2. Place a layer of sliced potatoes in a casserole, cover with the sliced meat and onions, continue this process until the ingredients are all used.
  3. Baste with the balance of white wine and cook slowly for 2 1/2 hours.


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